Ligne Roset Lighting

Ligne Roset’s lighting offer currently stands at eighty two different designs, with many of those in several sizes and type. The range will ebb and flow as new designs are added each year and the less popular drop away as stock runs out or as ever swifter changes in lighting technology and regulations demand change. However we hope that you will agree that is quite a collection!

Ligne Roset has always been in the vanguard of new techniques: ‘Paranoid’ was one of the first light designs to use LEDs and ‘Bloom’ was an early use of low energy bulbs. Before that the playful design of laser-cut expanded foam shapes draped around the bulb would not have been possible.

Ligne Roset offer lighting to illuminate your dinner party, cast poetic shadows in the Hygge Winter evenings, focussed task lighting, adjustable floor lights: go ahead and explore and remember – most lights are factory stock or in store. Look out for the Express tags.

Lighting by Ligne Roset