Ligne Roset - Floor & Reading Lights

Floor and Reading Lights by Ligne Roset

Many apartments already come with built-in ceiling spots. They provide a good starting point but it’s nice to add more lights for specific areas. You may not want or be able to mess around with wired-in ceiling or wall points and that is where Floor Lights and their smaller scale cousin the Reading Light come in.

Ligne Roset’s biggest hitter here is probably ‘Dimensions’, an adjustable arcing floor light that can stretch from 126 to 240 cm depth and from 200 to 228 cm in height. A slightly smaller scale version is Mama, a stalwart of the collection. Both are great to arch over a dining table or into the middle of a seating zone.

For more localised task lighting look at the LED lighting ‘wand’ that is Naja in brushed steel with its lovely laser-cut jointing to allow a gentle curving of the stem. Headlight offers great use of LED tech, dimming down from a strong 150W equivalent as needed – a search light to accent mood lighting all in one.

Do explore this section and remember, even though the choice is wide, most lights are only a week or so away from collection, sometimes less if we have shop stock.