Living with Ligne Roset

We believe Ligne Roset’s furniture make all our lives richer. From striking sofas to sensible sofa beds, alluring armchairs to gorgeous tables, excellent problem-solving furniture and a range of rugs that will personalise your living space - the Roset range has something for every home.

With their sofas, sofa beds, modular seating, chaise longues, armchairs and footstools, Roset strike a brilliant balance between iconic, unique design on the one hand and, on the other, luxurious comfort that's perfect for our customers' homes. Sofas (or settees) are often the centre-piece of a living space, and Ligne Roset's are created by some of the greatest designers of our times. This is furniture with character which you can personalize thanks to a selection of our top-of-the-range leathers and fabrics.

Ligne Roset has never been afraid to incorporate new materials either, from the all-foam Togo starting in the 1970s right up to Ploum with its use of new memory foams today.

For more classic sofa designs, Ligne Roset often turns to Didier Gomez, who has among his clients Yves Saint-Laurent, Pierre Bergé, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Carrousel du Louvre, LVMH, Bernard Arnault, Céline, Louis Vuitton, Galeries Lafayette, Vivendi Universal, Kenzo, and Christian Dior. We are in good company! A good example is Exclusif seating, offering adaptable modular units that can combine to form huge corner arrangements or simply be an elegant chaise longue.

Of course, sofas aren't everything. Our living section also includes an excellent, versatile range of sofa beds - so often indispensible because they're so flexible. Sofas often need the compliment of armchairs and footstools too, and we offer incredibly comfortable designs, both modern and classic.

Add to the seating with Roset's superb variety of low, side and console tables, and your living space is almost complete, whatever the style, shape and size of your home. The large Ligne Roset range of low, small and console tables offers practical, usable designs that also happen to look superb with everything else in our collection

One elephant in many living rooms is the TV and sound systems. You may have had it all built in with wiring etc hidden away behind walls. But if you do need furniture to house and support equipment, you will find it in this section.

And the final touch?

Ligne Roset's range of rugs for the living spaces in our lives includes a wide variety, ensuring there will be something that will look right whatever the furniture you are aiming to compliment.

Roset offer over 30 different design rugs using a wide variety of materials and often available in custom sizes. From the contemporary to the more classic, with these Roset provide the perfect finishing touch underfoot.

And mirrors are always welcome in living spaces to open up and add light. Roset have them big and small so take a look into them here!