Ligne Roset - Sofas

Ligne Roset Togo

Ligne Roset offers sofas that have been made by some of the world's great designers. 

Of the entire range, Togo has become an 'icon', a word used too often but in this case true. 

Designed by Michel Ducaroy in 1973, this easy care-free look has been a best seller ever since. Togo was revolutionary, the first all-foam sofa design, combining five different densities to build maximum comfort whilst retaining shape. It was also the first corner seating on the market, offering modules to sit together.

It is often seen in the best 'TV dens', but looks equally stunning in minimal glass box architecture or grand older spaces. Togo is built to last and we often hear of customers handing their beloved pieces down to the next generation, when they feel the need for something slightly higher!

Ploum sofas by Ligne Roset

Ploum by Ronan and Erwen Bouroullec has become a strong contender to challenge Togo's reign, utilizing new materials such as memory foam and new-age stretchy fabrics. Pumpkin by Pierre Paulin represents Ligne Roset's commitment to the re-production of iconic designs by iconic designers.

Noe Duchaufour-Lawrence's Ottoman design takes flight from the traditional Moroccan pouf, creating a chic range with lovely decorative detail.

Exclusif sofas by Ligne Roset

Exclusif by Didier Gomez provides the role for more classic sofas and corner seating, perhaps initially not so different to other brands but the test is in the sit and longevity – Didier Gomez and Ligne Roset design together from the inside out.

The interior construction, whether it be the 'hoola hoop' steel frame of Ploum or more classic wooden sprung frame of Citta, is paramount. The results are designs that are built to last as well as being comfortable.

Prado by Ligne Roset

Prado illustrates Ligne Roset's thorough approach to new designs. To quote Henry Ford "I don't stand if I can sit. I don't sit if I can lie down." In response to that, Christian Werner brings us his Prado nomadic settee. 

It demonstrates a design that has been completely guided by the search for freedom and wellbeing. Prado represents, first and foremost, an approach based on the study of lifestyles or, in short, of the human being.

Prado consists of a vast seat (sizes: 100 x 200 cm and 120 x 240 cm) which may be used either independently or with other elements, on which back cushions may be scattered at will. 

There is total freedom since these brilliantly clever cushions, which are weighted and equipped with an anti-slip system, will remain in place without needing to be leant against or attached to anything. 

They can even be arranged on the floor for a few leisurely moments around a low table, while the seat can do duty as an occasional bed simply by turning over its seat cushion - the reverse of which is covered with mattress ticking.