Ligne Roset - Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Rugs by Roset

Yes, it’s true - Ligne Roset has a couple of rugs in its collection that can be left outside in rain and shine. ‘Rope’ does look like it’s made from woven, well, rope that would rot and mould if left outside. But no, it’s made from recycled product, mainly plastic mineral water bottles (well, Ligne Roset is a French manufacturer!) It's available in lovely earth colours with midnight blue and olive green recently added. Fixed sizes are usually factory stock, but you can order bespoke.

The other option is Tisse. This is made by vinyl floor globe leader Bolon. It is designed for high-traffic areas, is non slip and rot proof, so fine outside. It is usually only available for the contracts market, but Roset has added to its retail offer.